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Blood of My Shadow is a book that covered all the shenanigans that takes place in the underworld where drugs are freely ferreted across borders by cartels. Granted that lots of books have been written in the past that gave insight about the drug world, however the author, Jovon Scot told the story in a unique and indebt way. The reason is not farfetched considering that he was an active player in most of the activities and was able to have firsthand information as well as observed everything from close quarters.

Another good attribute of Blood of My Shadow that helped in making it more “real” and pulsating is the way Jovon Scot begins the chapters with time, date and venue in dateline sort of. Once again, in helping to project the worldview of the characters in the book, the author would bring everyday life theories in explaining the motive or why the characters chose to act the way they did.

In terms of overall character development, the actors in Blood of My Shadow does not really ‘jump in your face’ so to speak. That is one area the author should have done better. The characters ought to have been more dramatic with salient unique attributes that would easily set them apart. This is not to say that they are all bland, not even in the least. However, the point is that they should have been more developed.

Another important aspect of written works whether fiction or nonfiction is the plot. It is the storyline that will determine whether a story will be thrilling or otherwise and that’s another major area Jovon Scot was able to score a bull’s eye. The book has a rich plot that seamlessly flowed from the beginning to the very end.

Another factor that helps in transforming literary works into becoming evergreen classics is the ability to make readers to identify with it, and Blood of My Shadow did well in that area. Readers that know how the underworld of drug racketeering works will easily agree with the events that took place in the book as factual while others who had no prior knowledge will be able to gain an insight beyond what is peddled in the mainstream media.

On a general perspective, Blood of My Shadow is amazing and such well detailed book can only be written by someone who was once actively involved as an insider.

Somethings Just Aren’t Easy

By: Jovon Scott

Who is the woman behind the image on the book? Her name is Tianna Cooks and we’ve know each other since our adolescence. From on and off relationships growing up – to a complete absence. Some people you meet in will forever have an affect on your life – both positive and negative. So to answer your questions – Tianna is the push I needed to become – in part, who I am today. She challenged me, encouraged me and made me honest with myself. Somethings just aren’t easy and I see that now. Writing to me is like opening doors – but, when you open one door, you’ll also shut others. I’m choosing to be transparent and allow my readers to know the man behind the words. Tianna had told me once – not to put expectations on people and I understand that now. I see it more clearly. In the world of writing, you can create these worlds, conditions and enforce expectations on the characters. you can hide from reality and live in a place where you feel comfortable. I often find myself using people that I actually know, putting them in my stories. It’s a way I keep my characters alive – I see them better that way. Thank you for visiting my site and taking interest in who I am. Keep the questions coming!

A Reflection of Rebellion – Rebellious at Birth

By: Jovon Scott

Rebellion – resistance to any form of authority given to or engaged in rebellion. To be defiant or promote any cause of mutiny…

Raged, I was troubled and filled with a raged complex. My adolescence was had been constructed with the building blocks of anger, perplexity and rebellion. I understood nothing, but rebellion and that was the principle, that I lived by. It was the only language, that I felt was my ordinance and way of conversing. Rules is what creates order out of chaos and I was in no favor of being bound to any form of compliance. I felt that it was against my nature to be governed by any form of rule or law, that wasn’t facilitated by my own desire. I was steadfast in the mind frame of being my own principle and that was to be bound to nothing of compassionate structure. I was of that “fuck you” state of mind. I would often find myself at odds, when it came to the rational aspects of conjuring a decency of thought-in terms of the way I viewed others. I forced myself into a shell and I kept my mind trapped in the loops of the radical functions of the world I created within the corners of my thoughts. I was controlled by the environment that raised me. I became the things that I witnessed as a child. Raged by a rebellion that had existed for decades before my conception. The very world that I had been raised in was the cause of me being defiant and disconnected from he edited reality, that had been altered to control. To control the minds of those trapped within the corners of it’s pandemonium and carnage. I don’t believe that these things were all by chance or just a coincidence. It was an experience to be put on notice and shown to the world, that people or urban society had no place among the civilized, but they omitted the fact, that these conditions had been created by them. I watched my mother get the shit beat out of her all through my childhood and it never made sense to me, as to why she allowed her self to be treated as if she didn’t deserve better. She trapped herself in such a toxic situation, that it became the norm. Her desires had been blood, abuse, drugs, and ice to help with the swelling. So, growing up – watching these things as a kid made me irrational in terms of being isolated from perception. I wanted nothing to do with the liking of the world in which I had been raised. I was lost in the world of condemnation, under the thought of false control created by my own perception – of perception! I was in no favor of compliance nor being dictated by a rule or law. I wanted absolute freedom and the will to do as I saw fit. My moral compass had been guided into the direction of rebellion. I became transfixed within the cradle of my own mind. I had no real idea why I was so mad at the world, but I was. I had ran into so many hurdles and failed at clearing. I stopped trying to jump over them – instead, I started to just either go under them or around them. I was so angry at the world and the position I had been placed in, that it was driving me mad. My mother was addicted to crack cocaine and that was part of the reason I had no up bringing in terms of productivity. I wish I knew what was needed to help her and I wanted nothing, but for my mother to be happy. As a child you’re not equipped with the tools to deal with those kind of things. So I turned to what was displayed before me and started to act out those very learned behaviors. My father had a huge influence on my life as a child and the fact that he was seldom there was perplexing. Even more damaging in terms of the harm it had done to my psyche. It made me rebel and feel as if I wasn’t wanted. So, my behavioral history with rebellion started in my adolescence. I felt as if I was guarding my own well being by disconnecting myself from the world. I de-programmed my self from everybody, but a selected few. New that I’m older, I realize that a lot of my issues were internal. And it all starts with my father. In this very hour, what I’m sitting here typing this book, that anger still exist. There are things between the two of us that is still unresolved. His absence and the lack of teachings a father is to give a son is a void, he would never be able to correct not make up for. I’m 30 years of existing and I care not to have a relationship with him nor and understanding. As far as family – I don’t relate to such terms and the only family that I have would be my siblings, a aunt and a few that isn’t biological related. And I like it as it is. I;m in no need of a bunch of people being in my personal circle. Life can be anomaly, a puzzle filled with many pieces. Some pieces would fit and others wouldn’t. Prison has a way of opening your eyes to things that can be both heart breaking and necessary. It shows you who have genuine love for you and who just love you for moment that you’re there. Prison also taught me how to identify my issues and deal with them – effectively and not in the manner of being destructive. Hate is a powerful thing and it’ll drive you towards things, that you may not want to indulge in, but it’s apart of the rage fueled by hate. So, I try not to hate nor hold on to the things that entices it. Although, I have such a troubling past, I refuse to let that be the way my story ends. Now I’m in control and not being controlled by the elements of my surroundings. I’m rebelling against that forced nature I created within myself and living according to a more divine principle. My name is Jovon and this is my story…

Message from the Author #4

By: Author Jovon Scott

I’ve received letters from readers about the quotes articulated in “Blood of my Shadows. Before I explain, I want to say that passion and desire in words are best described through philosophy. You can let your walls down and be vulnerable. You can allow your most hidden secrets to be known through the art of philosophy.


“When a soul is consumed by grief and troubled with despair and there’s no solace, perhaps the only act of compassion is death.”

For me this was a quote that resonated with a relationship he had. Some people you meet in life can have such an impact on your life that you feel as if you can’t live without them. Their absence becomes a void in your life that could never be filled. So you feel as if death is the only way out.


“Prison does nothing for a man, but teach him how to deal with solitude or be consumed by it. The incarceration is the cave that affects your mind, in which your mental state becomes sucked into self-entangled bondage. Your mind is the prison where the warden’s thoughts become your thoughts, and your actions are compelled by gang-like tendencies.”

This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s basically saying freedom doesn’t mean a physical attachment to the free world outside of prison. You can be in a mental bondage with a life sentence. You’re only as free as the thoughts created by your mental landscape. If you’re confined only to selected thoughts of narrow minded things, you not freed from the congestion in the mind. You’re in a mental prison guarded by wardens of worry, pain, misery and grief.


“When you feel pain it means that you’re capable of feeling discomfort. But the moment the pain stops, is the moment you find nothing.”

This means it’s okay to break down sometimes and be human. Being strong isn’t an obligation and if other’s speak to the contrary, they’re either lying or haven’t reached that point, yet.

Message from the Author #3

By: Jovon Scott, author of Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate.

“The greatest accomplishments you can make in life are the ones that redirect your purpose and grant you solace.”
Words have the ability to mold and shape one’s mind into a reality of colorful creativity.  The characters from Blood of my Shadow aren’t just depictions of people cast in my mental landscape.  They’re also people in the everyday life.  One of my favorite characters is Marcella Sanchez.  She’s filled with mystery and undeterred loyalty.  Marcella is transformed throughout this six book series in ways you will find fascinating.  I’ve always understood the importance of being loyal, trustworthy and knowing how and when to lead.  Marcella comes from a world of chaos, being that her mother Soria Sanchez ran the Colombian drug trade, and her father Hector was part of a large cartel based out of Mexico.  
In most books that I’ve read, a thought has always crossed my mind — what does this person look like.  So, if you continue to follow my messages, you will get a glimpse of your favorite character.  Here is a photo of Marcella Sanchez!

Message from the Author #2

By: Jovon Scott, author of Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate

I wanted to use this platform to help readers know the man behind the writing.As you already know, I’m from the Southside of Chicago, a city plagued by gun violence.  I’m incarcerated for gun violence myself, so I understand the situation.
I’ve been incarcerated since I was a teenager and my understanding and input on life isn’t fully understood yet.  I wasn’t granted the tools to deal with the problems that life had set before me.  Growing upon the gang culture taught me to be destructive and mirror that same behavior that was placed before me.  I was taught to be violent and became a person that I could barely recognize as myself. Now that I’ve been in prison for nearly 13 years, I’ve had the chance to relearn and find myself.
I walked away from the gang, even as a high ranking member, and finally became noticed.  It wasn’t who I was anymore.  I wanted more for myself and it took prison to show me this.  When I built the courage to walk away from the destructive lifestyle and renounce my membership in the gang, great things began to happen.  I feel free, even while still locked in the cage.  I promise to never touch a gun again and I will use this platform to help in the best way I can to deter the gun violence in my city.
While most authors never open themselves completely, I will give my readers all of me; the vulnerabilities, the pain, the anger, the good — everything about me.
I’m grateful for my editor Larry L. Franklin and the History Publishing Company for believing in my abilities.  Writing has saved my life and put me in a position to build a future for myself beyond these walls.

Writing from a Prison Cell

By: Jovon Scott

I’m writing to you from a cell in the Hills Correctional Center, looking to share the experiences from my earlier years that helped shape the storyteller I am today.

The characters and personalities in “Blood of my Shadow” come from people that I know. I’ve met some entertaining people who later became subjects in my stories, allowing me to balance imagination with the reality of my life. Getting to know me, the author, is imperative to understand why I say and write different things.

Before my life in the prison system, I was handed off from one relative to another. Most of my siblings were adopted by foster parents, causing a distance to develop among all of us. We were like strangers. Later we tried to reintroduce ourselves, hoping to bond as ordinary families are suppose to do. My father at the time was still finding himself and trying to support his children. But life sometimes has a way of reminding you that you are alone. Being the only boy in a pool of sisters and an absentee father, left me without a male role model to guide me through the perils of manhood. This was when I turned to the streets and the gang culture.

I grew up on the Southside of Chicago in the Robert Taylor housing projects. The stuff that I was forced to endure were not things that should be a part of a kid’s life. My mother was raising too many children on her own, leaving me to be consumed by the streets. When you’re raised in a toxic environment, you learn to live inside of your head and create a safe place to exist. My imagination was filled with an array of colors — vibrant and full of life.

When I first came to prison I was used to the violent and hostile environment. After all, I was raised in a world that equated to what I was being thrown into. Although this was the first time I’d ever been isolated from society, it was no different from the world on the streets. It all seemed like part of my life’s cycle. The first couple of years in prison weren’t any different than life on the streets. Eventually, prison nearly destroyed me. Prison makes you more aggressive and fills your heart with so much anger, resentment and perplexity.

I lost myself and nearly became that person I didn’t want to be. I was in a dark place and being pulled into an even darker one. I contemplated suicide. Life wasn’t worth living any more and I wanted out.

When I went to segregation for an extended amount of time, I rediscovered writing. This was where that shift from the unknown to certainty brought me back to the living. It was in that moment that I began writing “Penumbra,” which was later changed to “Blood of my Shadow.” I found myself in each of the characters I created in my stories. Writing saved my life and allowed me to see all of my lost years. The circumstances weren’t what held me back, it was me. I held myself back.

All of my writings will take you on an interesting journey filled with suspense. I thank everyone who has supported me, and I pledge to take advantage of this life-alternating experience. I ask that you spread the word about “Blood of my Shadow” and encourage people to visit my website — authorjovonscott.com I’m also on Facebook — Author Jovon Scott

I’m open to correspondence from anyone that’s interested in getting to know me and have a dialogue about the book.