Information on Black River

The Black River” is now available on ebook and paperback through Amazon and other retail sites. The ebooks allow the reader to experience the work at a low cost of $3.99. Publication of “Black River” is taking shape. The publisher, Xlibris, will have a separate website dedicated to Jovon Scott’s books.

As you know, Jovon now has two published books — “Blood of my Shadow” and “The Black River.” There will be more on the way. The manuscript of “Blood of my Shadow — Book 2 is now complete and will be published in the near future. Since “The Black River” is gaining support, there will probably be a sequel as well. Since his writing seems to lend itself to film production, that avenue is being explored as well.

As you may or may not know, the publication business can be quite challenging. Getting the word out is essential. It is our hope that you purchase the book and tell your friends through social media. Since Jovon Scott is incarcerated, your help is even more important.

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