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Scott creates a fantasy world of privilege, beautiful women, sex and drugs that calls the reader in for a wild ride. In a trauma-based story with sensual twists and turns, he writes intensely and beautifully from the mind of a gorgeously damaged female. Hard to put down and keeps you guessing until the end. Good read.
Amy Somers, LPCC, MFA

Jovon Scott does a remarkable job writing a story bursting with clues that hook the reader from the beginning to the end. “The Black River” is loaded with suspense and excitement, allowing the reader to wonder what comes next. But once the reader begins the story, there is no turning back. A real page burner.
Kelvin Taylor, Producer/Director

Eerie and Compelling:
Victoria, a suddenly orphaned rich girl; Chanel, a wild woman who can’t escape her past; Jasmine, a young woman living in the shadow of her best friend while trying to make a life for herself; and Tianna Smith, the psychologist trying to help a troubled young woman face her demons. This book was very well-written and surprisingly compelling. Being from Chicago myself, I was intrigued, and it drew me in immediately. This is a story told through the eyes of each of these four women who feel like real people. The poetry shown throughout highlights the struggles each of them face, on their own and together. There were many twists and turns, and at times it can be confusing. This is a book you need to read, not skim through. The ending was a surprise, too. The author lets the characters tell their own story. The steamy scenes were good too.
Julie Martin

Highly imaginative and Dark:
Excellent book. As readers we are taking into fantasy world of privilege, sex and drugs Hard to put down and keeps you guessing until the end.
San M S

Complex and Interesting:
A mature book for a mature audience and with a complicated start that will leave you confused and intrigued. I feel like this book needs a little more editing, a cut in some dialogue, perhaps a check on some repeated words and often used descriptors. However, and let me be clear, this is exactly what it tells you it is, a great mystery, not just its storyline and character arcs, but in the way the story is told. This one is best left undescribed since from the beginning the great gist of it lies in the complex narration and the use of alternating time and space. One thing I will say is, it is broken into various perspectives and various female characters, so you get more than one personality leading the charge towards the twist at the end.
Daniel Cuervonegro

A very unexpected twist to a very unexpected story.
Right out of the gate the story catches your attention. Very bold characters. Very bold character arcs. The surprise at the end was very good. Some VERY steamy action. Not for the faint of heart. That’s for sure.
Zombie Tex

Complex and Great:
A very compelling narrative. I was a bit lost at first by the complexity of the narrative but overall the solid writing carried me through, and I enjoyed the read!
Larry Rosen

Great Story
A great story with a great twist. This will captivate the reader from start to finish.
Alexa Sommers

Dark twisted thriller
This story will pull you in and keep you turning the page to see what happens. Mature content for a mature reader. Bold content, bold characters, and steamy scenes will keep you guessing until the very last page.
Crystal Vranich

Great Story
This is a great story, but the writer’s technique needs development.
Rob Shulman

Draws you in and hooks you.
A great novel that is definitely not for the faint of heart. The opening read can be confusing (I had to read the first couple of chapters twice to make sure I understood what was going on) but once you get into this book it won’t let you go. The characters, plot twists and scenes are very well done. Give it a try and you’ll be rewarded with a great read.
Avid Reader

Well written and Intriguing
At first I opened the book just to browse. But I got pulled in by the story, the characters and the writing style and found it hard to put down. Some books are memorable. This is one of them.
A. Beck

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