The Black River is about to be born.


In a couple of months Jovon Scott’s second book is about to be born. As days pass, I will share updates on the publication of “The Black River.” Brief excerpts will appear, followed by photos of the front and back book covers. This is a work of fiction, a psychological thriller to be more exact. Please join our journey.

Larry L. Franklin, editor for “The Black River.”


I was in a day-dream state of mind. The heroin injected into my veins was followed by an unrestrained buzz, a feeling that my self-induced high had begun. It’s such a beautiful experience when my body becomes a mere feather floating in the clouds; allowing each sensual touch to activate my passion. Heroin is my lover.

 Heroin kisses my neck and fondles my breasts as my nipples anticipate the wave of satisfaction to come. While I’m overcome with passion and filled with love, heroin conquers my mind, body, and soul. When without, I rage for my lover to flow through my veins again.

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