The Woman in Purple Scrubs



The Woman in Purple Scrubs

Her eyes told me things that only i understood, and gave me hope.
Like, fuck being dope or trying to impress– When im depressed, because i don’t even

know her name.

Exchanged glances with no chances of us ever gracing the possibility

Of tranquility, even as friends.

But even then, i still would feel some type of way.

Searching my brain to articulate what im actually trying to say……

I feel we were meant to meet in another lifetime, but our paths

Crossed earlier than expected.

Emotions for a stranger chosen and elected to be my soul

Bared and exposed

Stopped believing in god, but only he knows,

That woman in purple is a sight to see.

Pass her looks and attractiveness, but a sight into

Her intellectual stability and divine tranquility

That a man should value the most.

Maybe one day you would say fuck the rules and find a way

To reply and say-either yae or nay.


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