Repent, words from a prison cell.


Blood of my shadow (1)

We’re subjected to circumstances and judged by the same set of rules that plague not only our freedom, but our lives. While I never wanted to be a gang member nor have ties to the street culture, that’s who I became. It’s clear to me now that I got caught-up in a maze that led to my incarceration. For the past twelve years I have been searching for a meaning to my life. Im not trying to act like I’m rehabilitated just to be free. This is a real journey that I’m on whether I’m released or not.

I grew up in a jungle without a proper role model to show me a more righteous path.  My mother lost all of her children to the system. I was moved from one place to another and for a period of time, I became part of the homeless community.

I know I’m incarcerated for wounding two people, and there’s nothing I can do to right my wrong. I’ve completed twelve years of my thirty year sentence and have lost my youthful years. During that time, I’ve become a published author through book one of a six book series — Blood of my Shadow.” Writing has saved my life, and given me an opportunity to explore who I am as a person, and my future role in society.

I ask that you pass the word around of my writings and support my first novel — Blood of my Shadow. Ill continue to share my thoughts for you to better understand my situation. Also, I ask that you pass the word of my clemency. I need your help.

The author, Jovon Scott

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