Support an Author, Save an inmate


Support an Author, Save an Inmate:

My name is Larry L. Franklin, editor for Jovon Scott’s recent book, “Blood of my Shadow: The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate.” I’m asking that you support Jovon who has completed 12 years of a 30-year sentence at the Hill Correctional Center in Galesburg, Illinois. I met Jovon through a friend while I was awaiting publication of my latest book, “Supermax Prison: Controlling the most dangerous criminals.” I was told that Jovon was an up-and-coming author and asked if I would check out his writing. While his work was Urban Fiction, an unfamiliar genre for me, his imagination grabbed my attention. He takes the reader on a fast-paced, exciting journey. So much so, that I’ve completed the editing of book #2 of a 6-book series — “Blood of my Shadow.”

Jovon’s writing offers the opportunity for him to become a successful author. To do so, requires his acceptance as an author in the outside community and the finances to pay his legal fees. Both needs are difficult while incarcerated in a 6 x 9 foot cell, an environment where only the strong truly survive.

It is my goal to “Support an Author, Save an Inmate.” Book sales support his writing, provides a future occupation, secures a timely release from prison, and affords hope and a means for survival. This is his hope for a better life. The book can be purchased as an E-book for $9.99 or a paperback book for $18.95. Click the button on the website to purchase his book. In addition to buying his book, you can share his story on your social media.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

Larry L. Franklin


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