Somethings Just Aren’t Easy

By: Jovon Scott

Who is the woman behind the image on the book? Her name is Tianna Cooks and we’ve know each other since our adolescence. From on and off relationships growing up – to a complete absence. Some people you meet in will forever have an affect on your life – both positive and negative. So to answer your questions – Tianna is the push I needed to become – in part, who I am today. She challenged me, encouraged me and made me honest with myself. Somethings just aren’t easy and I see that now. Writing to me is like opening doors – but, when you open one door, you’ll also shut others. I’m choosing to be transparent and allow my readers to know the man behind the words. Tianna had told me once – not to put expectations on people and I understand that now. I see it more clearly. In the world of writing, you can create these worlds, conditions and enforce expectations on the characters. you can hide from reality and live in a place where you feel comfortable. I often find myself using people that I actually know, putting them in my stories. It’s a way I keep my characters alive – I see them better that way. Thank you for visiting my site and taking interest in who I am. Keep the questions coming!

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