Message from the Author #4

By: Author Jovon Scott

I’ve received letters from readers about the quotes articulated in “Blood of my Shadows. Before I explain, I want to say that passion and desire in words are best described through philosophy. You can let your walls down and be vulnerable. You can allow your most hidden secrets to be known through the art of philosophy.


“When a soul is consumed by grief and troubled with despair and there’s no solace, perhaps the only act of compassion is death.”

For me this was a quote that resonated with a relationship he had. Some people you meet in life can have such an impact on your life that you feel as if you can’t live without them. Their absence becomes a void in your life that could never be filled. So you feel as if death is the only way out.


“Prison does nothing for a man, but teach him how to deal with solitude or be consumed by it. The incarceration is the cave that affects your mind, in which your mental state becomes sucked into self-entangled bondage. Your mind is the prison where the warden’s thoughts become your thoughts, and your actions are compelled by gang-like tendencies.”

This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s basically saying freedom doesn’t mean a physical attachment to the free world outside of prison. You can be in a mental bondage with a life sentence. You’re only as free as the thoughts created by your mental landscape. If you’re confined only to selected thoughts of narrow minded things, you not freed from the congestion in the mind. You’re in a mental prison guarded by wardens of worry, pain, misery and grief.


“When you feel pain it means that you’re capable of feeling discomfort. But the moment the pain stops, is the moment you find nothing.”

This means it’s okay to break down sometimes and be human. Being strong isn’t an obligation and if other’s speak to the contrary, they’re either lying or haven’t reached that point, yet.

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