Message from the Author #3

By: Jovon Scott, author of Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate.

“The greatest accomplishments you can make in life are the ones that redirect your purpose and grant you solace.”
Words have the ability to mold and shape one’s mind into a reality of colorful creativity.  The characters from Blood of my Shadow aren’t just depictions of people cast in my mental landscape.  They’re also people in the everyday life.  One of my favorite characters is Marcella Sanchez.  She’s filled with mystery and undeterred loyalty.  Marcella is transformed throughout this six book series in ways you will find fascinating.  I’ve always understood the importance of being loyal, trustworthy and knowing how and when to lead.  Marcella comes from a world of chaos, being that her mother Soria Sanchez ran the Colombian drug trade, and her father Hector was part of a large cartel based out of Mexico.  
In most books that I’ve read, a thought has always crossed my mind — what does this person look like.  So, if you continue to follow my messages, you will get a glimpse of your favorite character.  Here is a photo of Marcella Sanchez!

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