Message from the Author #2

By: Jovon Scott, author of Blood of my Shadow:  The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate

I wanted to use this platform to help readers know the man behind the writing.As you already know, I’m from the Southside of Chicago, a city plagued by gun violence.  I’m incarcerated for gun violence myself, so I understand the situation.
I’ve been incarcerated since I was a teenager and my understanding and input on life isn’t fully understood yet.  I wasn’t granted the tools to deal with the problems that life had set before me.  Growing upon the gang culture taught me to be destructive and mirror that same behavior that was placed before me.  I was taught to be violent and became a person that I could barely recognize as myself. Now that I’ve been in prison for nearly 13 years, I’ve had the chance to relearn and find myself.
I walked away from the gang, even as a high ranking member, and finally became noticed.  It wasn’t who I was anymore.  I wanted more for myself and it took prison to show me this.  When I built the courage to walk away from the destructive lifestyle and renounce my membership in the gang, great things began to happen.  I feel free, even while still locked in the cage.  I promise to never touch a gun again and I will use this platform to help in the best way I can to deter the gun violence in my city.
While most authors never open themselves completely, I will give my readers all of me; the vulnerabilities, the pain, the anger, the good — everything about me.
I’m grateful for my editor Larry L. Franklin and the History Publishing Company for believing in my abilities.  Writing has saved my life and put me in a position to build a future for myself beyond these walls.

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