A Message from the Author

Writing and imagination have been an escape from the reality of my upbringing. The ability to create a world where I can exist is compelling; perhaps enchanting. The streets nearly killed my creativity and pulled me so far under that I lost myself. The drugs, violence and other things that came along with the culture damaged my ability to feel; to be a kid, allowing myself to reach the potential of who I am today.

I was mentally isolated in a bondage that imprisoned my mind. But words freed me from the mental incarceration, opening the doors that allowed my mind to run rapid and unharness my imagination. Now at the age of 30, I’m free and more alive than I’ve felt before.

Blood of my Shadow: The Rise & Fall of the Syndicate is a depiction of my imagination mixed with the reality of the street culture. Urban fiction and organized crime have never been entangled into one genre — until now! This 6 book series is my mind run rapid on pages that allow you to enter my world of reality and creativity. Thank you for your support. I promise to keep the art of storytelling alive.

Jovon Scott

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